Widget Types

This is a list of currently available widget types and their possible subtypes.

Type Description Sub-types
label Displays a simple text. HTML can be used.
image Displays an image.
text An input for writing texts. text or textarea for a multi-line text input.
number An input for entering a number. float for decimal numbers, integer for integers and slider for a slider-like input.
path An input for choosing a file or a folder. file or folder
select An input for selecting a value. select, multiselect, radio or multicheckboxes
onoff An input for turning something ON or OFF, TRUE or FALSE. checkbox for a standard HTML checkbox or switch for a custom mobile-like switch.
date An input for selecting a date.
grid An Excel-like grid for data like matrices.
button A button triggering something when pressed.
box A layout widget for displaying widgets in a list or in a box.
columns A layout widget for creating columns of widgets.
tabs A layout widget for organizing widgets in tabs.
graph Displays an interactive graphic.
progress Displays a progress bar or circle. progressbar or progresscircle
intervale Runs an R code automatically.