A modern environment for R


Version 1.0.5 • Ubuntu / Debian • Other downloads

Directly edit your variables

Simple variables, lists, data frames... Inspect and edit everything.

Modern autocompletion

Analyse all your scripts to get the perfect autocompletion.

Fast graphs

Quickly visualize your data with a time series or a density graph.

Command history reinvented

Execution time for each command, and displayed in red if an error occurs.

And more...


Flexible layout

Organize your workspace as you wish. Drag and drop each section where you want.


File explorer

See all folders and files for your project in a single view.

Dark theme

In black and white

We've added a dark theme for those who prefer working with lower light.


Hello, Bonjour. RCode supports English and French. And more languages are coming.

Fast as light

RCode is optimized and aims to be as light as possible.


No need to manually download RCode each time we update it.

Download it now.


Version 1.0.5 • Ubuntu / Debian • Other downloads