The company

PGM Solutions

PGM Solutions was founded in 2015 by William Jouot and Nicolas Baradel. Looking back to our solid experience in computer science and mathematical field, we created the RPGM software, a powerful tool for boosting the productivity and for easing the deployment of R scripts. We always try to stay updated by using the last state-of-the-art technologies in computer science for making the best softwares possible.

PGM Solutions

Who are we?


Nicolas Baradel

Nicolas Baradel is a former student of ENSAE and a member of the French Institute of Actuaries (Institut des Actuaires). He is assistant in Actuarial science at ENSAE-CREST and is preparing a PhD in applied mathematics at Université Paris-Dauphine. Previously, he worked at the Group Risk Management of AXA in casualty insurance and their applications to R. He is the author of the French book on R Langage R : Application à la statistique, à l'actuariat et à la finance


William Jouot

William Jouot holds a Master's degree in computer science from Université de Metz. He worked as a software and web developper in the French company MVS, and also as a computer security consultant at in Luxembourg. He also often contributes to the open source community on Github.